My Job as a Social Media Manager

In this post, I am going to elaborate on what a day in the life of a social media manager entails. I work for clients both remote and hands-on. The question as to what a social media job entails has come about many times. I can understand why, as it is a wonderful job and I am excited to share with you all a day in the life!

How I Started

I was approached by the wonderful Bridgette, of Bridgette Rusnac Media, for the job of assisting her in social media management. At the time, Bridgette was managing a good amount of clients, but she needed help because it was too much considering she also had a full-time job outside of social media management. She had seen my Instagram and saw that I frequented social media through blogging. I had never considered the job of managing other social media accounts as I had my own to focus on and I thought that blogging was going to be my end game. However, my eyes were opened to see that there are greater plans out there for you if you just take the leap of faith. And so I did, thus our partnership was born.

The Job

A Social Media Manager - based on my experience working with Bridgette Rusnac Media - can look different for each client. Some clients are looking for a one-time lesson on how to manage their social channels, some are looking for continual management, while others would like the whole works. In my opinion, that’s what makes this job so much fun - every day, every project and every client looks completely different. The most important thing I have learned as a SMM is that you are listening to what the client’s needs are and ultimately displaying that through the use of social media. Even though we as creatives may have our own vision in mind, we can’t effectively do our job without making sure it aligns with what the client/business stands for.

The Clients

Working with each client is what brings my passion alive. Each client is trying to tell such a different and powerful story. Typically we work with smaller businesses that are growing, and the owners just don’t have time to manage their social accounts anymore - which is a vital part of a business’ exposure. So that is when they call on us to take over their accounts. We then learn what their voice is, what they like visually and what their goals are for their business. It’s very rewarding to get to walk alongside an individual that worked so hard to make their business and dreams come alive to then provide them with the right resources.

Below I have shared the clients that Bridgette and currently work with in order to see the range of endeavors that you can be a part of. This job is hard to call a job, as it’s one big adventure. Go follow along these awesome businesses and stories! Also comment below if you have any questions!

Allium Bistro

Field & Vine

Jola Cafe

Lark Cafe

Mothership Coffee Roasters

Pete’s Mountain Vineyard

Renew Juice Co

Sunrise Coffee

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