Small Business Highlight // The Pearl Project


The Stats

Small businesses make up 99.7 percent of US employer firms, 49.2 percent of private-sector employment, and 98 percent of firms exporting goods ( Needless to say, small businesses make a huge impact on our communities. This is why supporting small businesses that are making a big impact on their community is so vital. 


Jenna Hayes, Founder of The Pearl Project


The Vision

Today's business that I would like to highlight is one that not only sells beautiful products, but also sells a beautiful vision and story. The Pearl Project is a ministry that was founded by Jenna Hayes, a woman whose passion is to coming alongside those who have experienced sexual trauma. The resources she provides through this ministry are centered around the healing power of God and the truth of who you are in Him. 


The Partnership

This ministry is changing lives. Not only are women able to find hope and community through The Pearl Project, but women are also given the resources to fund fair-trade work in other countries. The Pearl Project is funded by Jenna's Noonday partnership. Through Noonday sales, she is able to circulate funding right back into her ministry. Now this is a business that is doing it right. The heart and soul behind this business is the fundamental practice of giving back. Seeing visions supporting other visions in this light, is what our small business community should be about. 

If you or someone you know shares a similar vision to Jenna when it comes to small businesses doing it right, leave that business in the comments below for a chance to be featured on the Small Business Highlight!