btqBOX // Designer Wholesale


The btxBOX is a boutique owner's dream. If you are interested in starting a clothing store, whether online or in-store, the process can be overwhelming. This company is here to make your vision come alive and it's super easy! The Burb Girl Shop did a recent collaboration with btqBOX to highlight the details and benefits of this program, and how you can pursue your dream of opening a shop!


  • Monthly membership into a wholesale buying club
  • Each member receives a box of samples representing the featured designer's collection
  • Members can purchase items at 30% off of wholesale


  • Purchase the whole collection at 50% off of wholesale
  • Free shipping
  • $49/mo membership fee


  • Saves time
  • Cuts expenses
  • Saves money


Featured Outfits // February Box


Athletic Attire


Kimono & Zip Up


Wide Leg Pants & Victorian Style Blouse