Tan - Luxe Self Tanner // Product Steps & Review


Just a little check in, I haven't worn makeup in almost a month. I am loving the results I have seen, and wish to continue this process. There is only one thing I am having a hard time with in wearing no face makeup, and living in Portland - I AM SUPER PALE. For some, being pale is their jam and they seriously rock it. For me, being pale makes me look sick. So recently I tried a little tanning regiment that involves new products and a new brand. The results are as follows...

Tan - Luxe Review 

tan - luxe


  • No streaks
  • Lasts long (Approx. 2.5 weeks strong) 
  • Natural tones
  • Lots of products within the tanning line


  • Expensive (justifiable in my opinion with quality)
  • Hands can become orange if not washed

Video Review & Steps