10 Days Without Makeup // New Year's Resolution

It's day 10 with my makeup-less face... and I am asking myself WHY DIDN'T I START THIS SOONER?!

This year my New Year's Resolution was to go without makeup for seven days. But I loved it so much that I decided to keep going! It is now day ten, and I feel like so much has changed for me as I've followed through with this personal challenge. There have been both physical and emotional changes that have occurred throughout this process, which I can't wait to share with you and hope you find as encouragement. I will also be sharing the AMAZING products that I have used day and night throughout this process which have been game changers.

Small discretion... this is probably my most vulnerable post yet. These photos were hard to post because they are literally un-filtered bathroom selfies on my iPhone and typically not what you want displayed on the internet for all to see. But without further ado, keep scrolling to follow along my journey and see some before and afters!

Skincare Regiment // Under $65

The Goal: 

Go without makeup for 7 days so that...

  • My acne would clear up
  • My acne scars would fade
  • My skin tone would even out
  • My confidence in my own skin would grow
  • My routine of getting ready would take way less time

And lastly,

  • I would save money from not buying beauty products

The Result

Day 1


Day 1:

There are not that many physical changes that occur day 1 considering it's just the beginning. Once I took off my makeup however, I did feel like my face could breathe! Another thing that occurred day 1 physically, was that I noticed all of the acne scarring and the presence of acne. I also noticed my freckles that I didn't even realize were still there! 

The emotional things that happened on day 1 were the feelings of doubt and insecurity. When I saw my face without makeup, is was as though I was looking at a stranger. I hadn't seem my face in awhile without any makeup, and that felt strange. It's one thing not to wear makeup at home in your elements, but it's another to venture out into the public without it; That's when you really feel naked. I remember feeling like I was a slob and that everyone could see all of my imperfections which I had tried to cover up for so long.

Day 3: (I skipped a few days here for the sake of time)


Day 3:

Physically, there were still scars and acne present. It almost felt as though my face was getting worse. At this point, I really contemplated covering up some of the blemishes that appeared over night, but I didn't because I wanted to push through and see if change was ahead...

Emotionally on this particular day, I felt rather defeated. I remember looking in the mirror and not wanting to look at myself anymore. My confidence was at an all time low, and I didn't want to leave my house. Looking at social media that day didn't help either as I naturally compared myself to others and it led to defeat. 

Day 6: (Yes sometimes I wear the same thing every night for like weeks)


Day 6:

The physical changes on day 6 were noticeable. The scarring was fading, there were no new breakouts and my skin tone was evening out. These are huge strides in such a short amount of time, and I know you are probably thinking how can that possibly happen in like 5 seconds but I assure you, it's very possible. I had a quick regiment day and night that made it easy to finally take care of my skin, and it began to show. I was washing my face 3 times a day, followed by SPF (quick note, SPF is a must in ALL weather conditions), then I used witch hazel and some oils.

The emotional changes on this day were very positive. I was excited to go out and about because I knew it would take such a short amount of time to get ready. When I went out in the public, I didn't even notice I wasn't wearing makeup. Matter of fact, I began to notice just the opposite; when others wore quite a bit of makeup. This is NOT anything against wearing makeup - I know that I will wear makeup for certain events and I also know it's an art. But I noticed myself in others and the process of essentially putting on a new face to display to the world, and I remember thinking I wanted to see the real faces of those I was interacting with. 

Day 10: (Present Day)


Day 10:

The physical changes, though small, can not be ignored. I haven't had a new blemish for a couple of days - I used to get them every day. My skin tone is continuing to even out, and my scarring has faded almost completely. These are things that I battled for YEARS and in just a couple of days, they were starting to fade from the most simple remedy I have tried yet - not using foundation and consistently using a regiment. The all-natural products I spent so much money on to give life back to my skin, hadn't worked in the past because I was counteracting their benefits by treating my skin poorly. Now these products are healing my once lifeless skin. 

The emotional changes that have come from not wearing face makeup, have been the best results from this process. I have grown to love myself more, and not in a physical way, but rather for who God has made me and all of the details he has given me. I have found a newfound confidence in revealing to others what I have covered up for so long. In putting some of my biggest insecurities out there, I realized just how much they don't matter and how in hiding them, I gave more power to them. When I go in the public now without makeup, whether or not a new blemish has emerged, I don't even think twice about it. And lastly, I can't thank all of you enough for the encouragement you have given me. Even though this is a silly challenge that is seemingly small in the bigger scheme, I truly couldn't be more joyful with the results that have come from it both physically and emotionally. Hopefully you have found encouragement in this and venture into your own challenges!

Love you all (especially for reading to this point) <3