Music Fest Style // Under $60

It's that time of the year when Summer festivals are coming to town!

Here in Oregon, there is a wide array of music festivals to choose from ranging in genre, artists and popularity. In case you are interested in these festivities, Travel Oregon compiled a huge list of all of them and categorized them with updated dates and times! You can check it out here!

I've really only had the chance to go to the Bi Mart Willamette Country Music Festival which features a number of famous and up and coming stars. The festival itself plays out over three days and has many activities for everyone to enjoy - including a beer garden!

If you really want to go but you are worried about the cost you can either go for one day of the festivities and choose your favorite artists, or you can enter some of the contests that radio stations put out earlier in the year via Facebook or their websites. 

After going to Summer festivals/concerts and experiencing the heat, I wanted to give you an outfit that is flattering and comfortable. Here you go! Oh... Did I mention the WHOLE outfit is under $60?

Summer Festival Outfit //

Top: Target, $12.99

Shorts: H&M, $24.99

Sandals: Forever 21, $14.90

Photography: Kiara Rose Photography

Festivsl Outfit