Where To Find Cute Inexpensive Spring/Summer Clothes

  Hey friends! If you're looking for affordable Summer fashion, then this post is for you...

  I am writing this post solely on one company called thredUP. I will also mention that I have no collaboration with this company, nor am I getting paid to post this. I am truly writing this as a friend who found something AWESOME and needs to share it.

  I have found great success with this company when looking for affordable Summer clothes. This company is not only a place for inexpensive cute clothes, but also a place that you can make money. Seeing as it is consignment, you can have them send you a fun little polka dot bag that you put your clothes in and send off for their assessment of your earnings. You may have heard me reference them before, but thredUP is one of my faves!

My review using thredUP: 


  • The shopping app makes it easy to use
  • There are many options with trendy styles and quality brands
  • You can sell clothing and earn money back - this includes a shopping credit as well


  • They are very picky as far as what they buy
  • Their credit rate in exchange for a product you sell can be low
  • Items sell quickly (Something you put in your cart in the morning can disappear when you go to checkout in the afternoon)

  The brands range from Free People to Lululemon and even Anthropologie! Make sure you check out the 'Shop the Look' section below to find the items featured in the photos and other affordable finds. Also please let me know in the comments below if you have used thredUP before, that way you can share your story with someone who wants to know more!

Red romper
Red Romper
ASOS red romper