4 Summer Trends That are Budget Friendly

Hello sweet friends!

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For all of you trend setters, how in the world do you possibly keep up with the newest stuff that is circulating in the fashion world? I mean, it's a little overwhelming to keep up with the trends and watch my poor bank account suffer. Like you, I love to keep up with all of the fun trends! There has to be a sustainable way to do so. Below I am going to highlight some of the most recent trends heading into Summer and provide some affordable options. 

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Affordable Romper
Affordable Summer Rompers
Old Navy Summer Romper

Rompers are most definitely in. The beauty of a romper is you are getting the whole outfit in one and they are so effortlessly cute. The comfort of this piece is wonderful because you are literally wearing a dress with shorts. This playful romper is on sale for $20! All shopping details are below.

Off the Shoulder

Off the shoulder romper

Off the shoulder looks are my favorite! They make you feel so free without having to worry about any straps. This look goes great with a nice necklace or fun set of embellished earrings too! 

Long Tassel Necklaces

Long Tassel Necklace

This long tassel necklace is hand-made with lots of love! How perfect does it go with this off the shoulder look? Typically if I wear a necklace, I don't wear earrings because it's nice to have one focal piece. You can use my exclusive code at checkout for a 20% off discount! The code is glam20 for any item of your choosing. Each item is so reasonably priced so this is definitely a smokin' deal. It's only a limited time discount code though so hurry fast! 

Lace Up Heels

Sandal Heels

Nothing says Summer like a pair of lace up sandal heels! These are by far the comfiest heels I have stepped into. If you want to complete your Summer look and do so with comfort, these are the way to go. I prefer the tassels over a zipper because it makes it more casual and perfect for an everyday appeal.