3 Tips on Finding the Perfect Summer Shorts

Good afternoon loves!

Small Life Update

Thank you for coming back to another featured post from The Burb Girl! Some little life updates, The Bachelorette starts tonight! This show is my guilty pleasure and I am a little embarrassed to say that sometimes I even re-watch it... On another note, my amazing boyfriend has been in Medellín, Colombia for the past week playing at a worship conference. If you don't already, go follow him and see the awesome things happening down there! 

The Problem

So most of you are probably on this page because you want to pick the perfect pair of shorts for Summer. Maybe you are like me, and you are still holding on to your shorts from high school! If that's the case, maybe it's time to let them go - unless you still rock them! I haven't been able to confidently wear shorts since I was 16. Finding a pair of shorts that is flattering yet youthful is really hard. 

  • Shorts are too short - they don't cover the whole bum
  • Shorts are too baggy - they have no shape
  • There are too many holes yet it's still bloody expensive
  • Not enough options outside of denim

Well if you find yourself having these problems, perhaps this next bit of information can help you on your quest to finding those perfect pair of shorts. 

The Solution to the Perfect Pair of Shorts

Old navy pink summer shorts

1. Find the right length for you

When you are constantly worrying about whether your shorts are riding up too high or revealing too much, you can feel less confident. I personally don't like showing too much skin at the beginning of Summer because my legs haven't seen the sun for almost 9 months! So I start off Summer with a nice mid-length pair of shorts. 


Old navy coral summer shorts

2. Find your favorite material

In order to feel confident, we often settle for a pair of shorts that are baggy. If you want a youthful edge to your style along with confidence, find a pair of shorts that have the right fit. Different materials offer a different fit. Look at the various materials that you feel are the most flattering on you, and once you have found them, you can search for the different options within that.


Old Navy Summer Shorts

3. Play with different patterns/colors

There is nothing wrong with an awesome denim short with some character! I will say however, it's refreshing to try something different with your Summer wardrobe. When I saw these pink shorts (pictured above), I instinctively went for them. Then I hesitated before grabbing them because I thought they were 'too out there' and wouldn't go with anything in my closet - I was mistaken. These shorts have gotten their use and Summer hasn't even officially started yet! Oh, and you will get plenty of compliments to reassure your purchase because others will wish they grabbed those off the shelf too.

All in all, have fun with your wardrobe this Summer and enjoy a newfound confidence with your new pair of shorts!