Spring Edition: Pink Pants & Stripes

Happy Monday! 

You made it through the weekend and if you are on a similar school schedule, you made it through Spring Break! And now you are back to reality. Perhaps you are sitting at your desk, standing in a Starbucks line, or watching the morning news. Either way, wherever you are, this blog post is for you. Especially if you like some fun Spring fashion inspo! So grab your morning coffee, kick your feet up, and take these next couple of minutes for yourself. There are studies that show how your morning coffee can slow down aging.... I am looking out for your health here. 

Today's outfit of the day/season brings you some color. The idea behind seasonal posts is that each outfit replicates the season in some way. For Spring, outfits resemble the season through pastel colors and warmer weather attire. Depending on where you live, seasons can look very different. My Australian friends are experiencing Autumn right now! Even though seasons look different depending on your current location, these seasonal trends can be replicated wherever you are. 

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Pink Pants

You might be asking, 'where can I get some pink denim like that?' Look no further, these Citizens of Humanity Rocket Crop High Rise Skinny pants are supreme quality and provide some subtle shape! The rose quartz color isn't harsh but rather toned down so you can wear these with plenty of other pieces. The length falls just above the ankle so it's flattering with a strappy heel or even a sneaker!

Striped blouse

This look features the Splendid Surplice Top that comes in multiple colors. It has an elastic waist band and hi low hem. This top is seriously cloud like in its comfort and weightlessness. 

Gold Necklace

Would you look at this statement necklace from Ayumi Angel Jewelry? It is literally glowing! The piece itself consists of hammered brass, antique brass and a gold plated chain. When I put this necklace on it made me feel so pretty and I immediately fell in love! Her pieces are limited as they are hand-made so go check it out!

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