Shop Local Week 3 // Portland Gear

Good morning Portlanders & other awesome individuals reading this!

I am currently in Denver, Colorado and honestly I don't think coming home... just kidding. I absolutely love Portland but Denver is definitely up there! 

So here we are, week 3 of this crazy fun adventure of the #shoplocal challenge. For more information regarding what this challenge entails, go check out my recent posts! I am curious to hear some of the gems you all have found while exploring this challenge. Go ahead and leave them in the comments below! Without further ado, let's introduce you to our 3rd store...

Portland Gear


If you were born and raised in Portland, if you have lived in Portland, or if you even stepped foot in Portland, you have most likely seen or heard of this amazing company. Amazing is an understatement. Having started this business just 3 years ago this Friday, owner and founder Marcus Harvey and his crew have seen great success. From starting in a VW at street markets to a highly sought after brand in the US and 40 other countries, I'd say they're doing something right. They recognized a need and passion which was not being fulfilled. People were proud of their city yet they didn't feel there was something that displayed that. Here they are now, just 3 years later, selling an iconic brand and logo that can be recognized all over the world. To support this brand, is to support a vision from a local guy just looking to invest in what he loves. I know many of you out there have your visions that you wish were a reality. Let this be a reminder that you too can make your vision come to life. 



One of the most iconic products that I have seen throughout the city of Portland is the branded Portland Gear hat. The P on the front is a logo that immediately resonates with its Oregon outline. 

There are shirts for so many occasions! Not to mention the many different styles. Not featured are the cozy jackets and new sherpa loungewear! 

Their endless supply of unique products cater to everyone in the family! Black Friday is this week, and in honor of their 3rd anniversary, go check them out! They also have a wonderful storefront online as well. However, their brick and mortar is definitely worth the trip as you will get to meet one of the awesome team members behind this awesome company. 

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