Shop Local Week 2 // North of West

Hello again!

It's almost Thanksgiving which means you probably have or will be scoping out gifts for the holidays! If you have been following along my weekly updates, it is now week 2 of my shop local challenge. I am uncovering 7 shops here in Portland, Oregon that are prime for gift shopping. Even if you are not a local to Portland, this challenge still applies to you too! I am encouraging you to either go out and seek a local shop or find one online. Let me know what you find! You can use #shoplocal on your posts and share the love and excitement of supporting small businesses!

Week 2: North of West


Here we have a high end mercantile shop with exquisite taste. You will find a range of goods that will keep you coming back. One of the main things I would love to highlight is their new clothing brand/line that is all in house! Talk about shopping local, these designers are curaters and manufacturers all in one. To give you a little insight into this store, I want to share a story that highlights a customer's experience. When I was in the shop, I overheard a gentleman who was travelling for business, explaining to the gal working, that he needed to find a particular item. The reason being, his boss back in New York was so in love with this shop and the items they had. He said that it truly captured the essence of Portland, art and all around aesthetics. It was neat to see how a shop had such an impression on someone simply sweeping through the city. Trust me, if you are in the Portland area, you need to stop by. It will not disappoint. 

These ceramics are so vibrant and fun! Not only are they pleasing to the eye, but they also consist of local rock from the Washougal river. These are perfect little additions to the home and can be multi-purposed as well. 

The season of Fall brought something pretty flippen awesome for this company... a new clothing line that is absolute fire. When shopping for gifts, I think it's okay to sneak something in there for yourself every now and then. This would be one of those things! Their clothing line is superior quality and craft, not to mention the textiles and designs. 

They definitely cater to different ages, which is nice when it comes to shopping for gifts. I will say, this lovely elephant headdress is most likely for a child, but I wanted to take it home myself. 

Okay if I couldn't have raved enough about this place, they have my favorite beauty brand Herbivore Botanicals! Everyone loves a little spa treatment, so why not invest in something natural? Also check out these knits and shades. Perfect little stocking stuffer!

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