Online Affordable Boutiques

When you hear the word "boutique," I'm sure you are like me, and you think lots of $$$ for a t-shirt that was imported from China. You are probably justified in thinking that. In my experience shopping at boutiques, I am always lured through the front doors by a super cute outfit and some type of promotional... And I typically leave with some piece of that super cute outfit, feeling rather guilty that I splurged on something I probably could have found elsewhere for much less.

All of this to say, I am not meaning to put down ALL boutiques. There is a market and need for them, and that is great! I am just wanting to enlighten anyone seeking the affordable route, there are options for you as well! Below I have compiled a few outfits with these options and where to find them. 

Shop Thriver 

This lovely boutique offers trendy pieces for an affordable price. Their site is very user friendly with lots of great visuals of the pieces with different outfits. Another great element of this boutique is they offer lots of seasonal options as well. This is wonderful for those of you living local in the PNW! Go check them out! I took some of my faves from their 2017 Fall Collection and featured them below...

Reign Sweater


Cheshire Blanket Scarf

Xx The Burb Girl