Spring Edition: Rocksbox

Right now there are tons of cool programs and companies that offer memberships for various goodies. The one I most recently discovered, and can't stop raving about, is called Rocksbox. 

          " Wearing jewelry is fun, but buying jewelry is... overwhelming. That's why we created Rocksbox, a better, more relevant shopping experience. Our vision is very simple: wear new jewelry all the time with zero effort and without the excessive consumption that comes with it. We are a fashion tech company defined by hyper-personalization and exceptional service."


Their site is so personable and allows you to stay up-to-date on all the latest trends without having to go looking for them. Not to mention, there is a designer that hand picks from your wish list and sends you a new box every month! Check out the post below to see what hidden treasures were in my box!

Want a personal stylist and lots of cute jewelry every month? Sign up at Rocksbox.com using my code laurenrbff6 to receive your first month free! Don't miss out, there plenty of gems waiting for you.